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Tamara Glascock

Fresh Lemongrass

Tammi's journey into the world of natural health and beauty products began out of necessity. Due to some serious health issues, she began creating for herself and her family natural medicinal products from plants because she wanted something effective and potent that wasn't going to create a whole new set of medical issues. The deeper she delved into the side effects of prescription medicines, the more horrified she became. It became her mission to find safe alternatives to treat common illnesses and complaints.  As she began learning about many of the common ingredients used in most personal hygiene products she realized that the world needed safer options, so she began creating things like soap, lip balm, skincare products, lotions and dental products using only natural ingredients that didn't come with the dangers of chemical preservatives and other additives.

In time, her focus turned to more serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, liver/kidney issues, and blood diseases. What she discovered along the way was astounding. The effectiveness of plants to treat many 'incurable' diseases surpassed everything she could have imagined. It has been her pleasure to be able to share this information with countless friends, family and strangers, and to watch as they, too, discovered the healing power of plants and other natural ingredients.

As a Certified Clinical Herbalist, her main focus is consulting with clients and helping to guide them through the confusing world of healing the body without having to depend on a cabinet full of prescriptions that always have the potential to harm more than help. Teaching people how to prevent disease, as well as how to heal the body from existing disease and illness is where her passion resides. The products that she offers are the result of over 2 decades of research and study.

She received her Certification from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Medicine, and has spent hundreds of hours gaining knowledge through sharing with other healthcare professionals, as well as taking a variety of courses on the human body and it's function, botany, gardening and growing methods of plants, and many other structured courses that contribute to the field of natural medicine.

Tammi's Services

Herbal Consultation

Schedule a private, professional consultation with Tamara to discuss issues that are concerning you and ways to help prevent and heal them. Not sure what to expect from an Herbal Consultation? We will start by addressing your concerns and questions. We will cover things like your current medical situation, your current lifestyle (diet, activity level, medications you are taking, etc), as well as ways that you can help improve your health using natural practices and ingredients. When you book a consultation it is for a 30 minute block of time devoted entirely to you and your questions/concerns. Please be sure to fill out the questionnaire that will be sent via e-mail once you have scheduled the date of your consultation.

Tamara's Herbes, LLC is not attempting to diagnose or treat any illnesses or diseases. None of our products or statements have been approved by the FDA, the CDC or any other governing bodies. Always consult your healthcare provider before consuming any herbs, as they may interact with prescription medications. Any information given is for informational purposes only. Please be responsible and research anything that you are putting in or on your body.

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