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Nathaniel Ratcliff

Nathaniel Ratcliff

Nathaniel’s first experience with alternative and complementary health services occurred as a teenager while he was still in high school. It not only helped with his physical and psychological health (and continues to do so!), but ultimately led him to a career in Holistic Health Care. 

His personal journey with and understanding of chronic pain and muscle fatigue gives him unique insight into the struggles his clients face and helps him to support them on their healing  journey.

His mission is to help people on their journey to better health with an emphasis on  mental/emotional wellbeing and the reduction of stress.

Nathaniel's Services

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage incorporates long, kneading strokes and movement of the joints. Using light to medium pressure, its focus is the uppermost layer of muscles  promoting relaxation and circulation.

AromaTouch Technique®

The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of doTERRA Essential Oils to the back & feet. This technique combines the unique benefits that massage and essential oils provide, creating a relaxing experience. The essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique have been specifically chosen for their individual and combined aromatic properties.


A targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. It usually focuses on the feet but can include the hands and ears as well.  

Trigger Point Massage

Releasing or relaxing a muscle knot to reduce (or eliminate) the knot pain and any associated pain. Variations in levels of pressure are applied to muscle knots, and then the affected areas are stretched through range of motion.

Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage involves the placement of a number of heated stones to the body and can aid in pain relief, relaxation and more. Stones can also be used cooled.

Bio-Frequency Therapy

As a Quantum Living Advocate, Nathaniel uses the AO Scan™ to support his clients and provide them with valuable insight & information into the current state of their body’s frequencies and more!


Energetic healing modality bringing your energy field and  body back into balance.

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