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Nancy Straatmann

Nancy Straatmann

My goals are to help you gain freedom from limiting thoughts and beliefs, connect with your inner wisdom to create meaning and purpose, and feel empowered to make your desired changes in life. I offer a blend of
counseling, coaching, and education with complementary approaches to help you continue making your desired changes between sessions.


As an intuitive and compassionate therapist I support clients on a deeper level.

My Counseling specialties include helping adults who are experiencing

• Anxiety, stress or fear
• Grief and loss
• Self-esteem issues
• Life transitions (divorce, job changes, retirement, moving, family changes, etc)
• Relationship issues
• Communication difficulties
• Changing addictive patterns; staying in recovery.

The following practices overlap and may be incorporated into Counseling sessions, determined by what’s best for you.

Alternately, Coaching sessions are offered if you’d like to to learn and become proficient in any of these practices.

• Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): Learn to challenge and change automatic negative thoughts, unhealthy
assumptions, and core beliefs.
• Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT): combines cognitive therapy with mindfulness and meditation, to
integrate mind, body, and spirit for on-going change and increased self-awareness.
• Heartmath® training: Learn to regulate difficult emotions, feel calm before speaking, move from stress
induced reactions to feeling ease and wellbeing, and increase resilience to manage small and long-term stressors.
• Mindfulness training: Learn to disengage from repetitive thoughts, gain ability to choose new responses, learn
acceptance of what you can’t control to stop struggling with life, gain access to intuition, creativity, and joy.
• Meditation; Learn to experience peacefulness, anytime and anywhere; release thoughts that don’t serve you,
improve ability to focus, improve sleep patterns, enhance immune system, and increase ability to be mindfully
• Somatic awareness: mind-body techniques to increase body awareness, be fully in your body, and release
stress. Includes breathwork and Qigong movements to release constrictions and free up energy.

My Background:

• Over 10 years of years of experience in counseling and coaching in private practice, grief recovery, and out-
patient addiction as a certified alcohol and drug counselor.

• Board Member of C.G. Jung Society of St Louis
• Partner in the The Moksha Group, as meditation Coach for executives and leadership teams.
• Certified Mediation Teacher from the Deepak Chopra Institute: Primordial Sound Meditation®.
• Currently training with Dr. Joe Dispenza, a leader in supporting change and moving out of fear.
• Long term mindfulness and meditation practitioner.
• Certified Heartmath® practitioner teaching the art and science of self regulation of difficult emotions.
• Reiki Master and Somatic Movement Guide to release constriction and open energy channels in the body.

I believe that as we create peace within ourselves
we are helping to create peace in the world

To schedule an appointment with Nancy:



Sessions are $120 for 60 minutes


Nancy's Services

Licensed Professional Counselor

Sessions will consist of cognitive therapy as described above, and complementary therapies addressing mind, body, heart, and spirit. Change is not a linear process and it doesn’t happen overnight, but with continuity you can feel the benefits and desired changes take root in your life. I believe our spirit is always calling us to greater wholeness, and I will be honored to assist you on your healing journey. I do not accept insurance and therefore will not give you a diagnosis that goes on your insurance record.

Coaching and Education

"Education and Coaching is available in specific modalities, without talk therapy. You can choose Learning to live Mindfully, Heartmath for a coherent nervous system, Meditation training  in the style that’s best for you, or Somatic awareness to free up your body’s energy. With coaching, you can learn lifelong practices to enrich your life and deepen the benefits.

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