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Mary Agnew

Mary Agnew

I am an evidential medium, intuitive, and shamanic practitioner who has worked with the spirit realm for the past 20 years. I began my healing career as a registered nurse working in oncology and later in the field of mental health, both of which deepened my interest in working beyond the confines of traditional western medicine.  


Though aware of the spirit world since I was a child, I have honed my skills through years of intensive study and personal development.


I have studied and demonstrated mediumship with world leaders in the field, such as Mavis Pittilla, James von Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Lynn Probert, and others. I have been to Peru multiple times to study shamanism with the Q’uero, the shamans of the high Andes, and completed training with The Four Winds as well as extensive work with Joan Parisi Wilcox, Linda Fitch and Jose Luis Herrera.  Drawing upon all the modalities available to me, I craft individualized healing sessions and am available for private work, both in person and remotely, as well as group sessions and workshops.

Mary's Services

Shamanic Energy Healing

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I am well versed in working with the subtle energy field that surrounds each of  us. I access different levels of consciousness to bring about healing on the energetic level. This is often referred to as “walking between the worlds” – the conscious realm and the realm of Spirit. 

It is my job to track what may be outside of your awareness- either because it is too painful, shameful or fearful to accept- and remove the root cause of blockages to open a new path forward, allowing you to once again regain what is your birthright: your connection to the Light and Love of Source.

Intuitive Soul Reading

In an intuitive soul reading, I meet you soul to soul and bring forth messages from your higher self and spirit guides. These sessions are transformative and help you understand the life you are currently living and possibilities to consider. Intuitive Soul Readings are often combined with Shamanic Healing Sessions or Mediumship Readings to bring greater clarity to your life.

Mediumship Readings

Different mediums work differently. I am an Evidential Medium, which means that the information I bring through will be verifiable and also contains the whole essence of the communicator - who they were as well as who they are, for they do continue to exist, to grow, and to love you.                         

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