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Jackie Ginther

Jackie Ginther

Jackie is an intentional living, homeschool mom. She and her husband, Jeremy, have 4 amazing children - Dylan (14), Quinn (11), Logan (8) and Mila (6). Her family is the reason she set out on her journey of natural wellness, empowerment and self love. After feeling as if she had forgotten who she truly was while putting everything she had into being a mom to 4 little ones, Jackie set out on a journey of intense personal growth & self love. What she discovered in this process was that by putting herself first and standing in who she truly was, she was a much better woman, wife and mother. Through her journey she discovered she has a passion for empowering moms to go from stressed out, overwhelmed & burnt out to regaining joy, positivity & start living life for you again. She is a Holistic Life Coach, Holistic Health Educator, Essential Oil Educator, Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and NLP Certified Trainer. She loves natural health & wellness and empowering moms to take their health and the health of their family into their own hands. This encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. She has spent the past 5 years diving into personal growth and has seen the transformation in herself from all she has learned & implemented. It was during this process that she discovered her passion to help other women do the same. Her coaching programs are hands-on and customized to fit the needs of her clients. She works one-on-one to identify where you currently are, where you are wanting to be and maps out a path to get you there. The focus of her coaching is learning how to live intentionally, creating awareness in the day-to-day to start implementing changes & being conscious in thoughts, words & actions to shift your life to the life you want to create. Words that Jackie lives by and have been the foundation for where she has gotten in her life: Start making decisions from where you want to be, not from where you are and watch your life transform.

Jackie's Services

Holistic Life Coach

Jackie's coaching programs are hands on and customized to fit the needs of her clients. She has processes that shift your life from stressful, overwhelmed and burnt out to calm, joyful and empowered to live life for you again. You'll start with awareness of where you are with your mindset, your daily routines and your habits. You'll work one on one to identify what it is you want to shift, what your ideal days look like and map out a path to get there. 

Essential Oil Educator

As a doTERRA essential oil educator Jackie educates on how to use holistic products such as essential oils, to support your health and wellness. She focuses on mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health.

Frequency Therapy

As a Quantum Living Advocate Jackie uses AO Scan technology to support emotions, balance the body's frequencies and gain insight into how the body is functioning to empower you to be proactive with your health.


Jackie is an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is energy healing that activates the parasympathetic nervous system which puts your body into rest and digestion. it also calms the emotions, reduces stress, opens chakras & clears energy blockages.

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