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Cimberly Crafton

Cimberly Crafton

Hello, dear ones!  I am SO GLAD you made it!!


I spent so many years wondering around, trying to navigate life with no real roadmap!


I worked in the healthcare field for over twenty-five years and was trudging my way as best as I could!  I was depressed, anxious and generally just plain “not okay.”  I had severe symptoms of chronic fatigue, general weakness and I experienced deep pain and much inflammation throughout my body.  I went from doctor to doctor and saw many specialists.  I received no real answers or SOLUTIONS regarding my health concerns. I was given no real direction and had no idea what could be done to help me FEEL BETTER!


It was in my darkest days that my life started to take a miraculous turn.  As I surrendered and began to fully open myself to the Universe, as I completely admitted defeat and powerlessness over my health and unhappiness… the door began to open.  I began to come alive in spirit and I began to realize that I had been guided all along.  I began to see the divine nature of my soul.  And I began to unlock and grow my spiritual gifts- gifts that proved to be paramount in my own healing journey.  Gifts that I now work with in helping others step into their POWER, FREEDOM and WELL-BEING.


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Has your road been rocky?  Do you feel as though you take one step forward and then five steps back- unable to gain any real traction?  Are you suffering from chronic health symptoms, emotional instability and/or have difficulty navigating relationships- especially your relationship with Self? 


Do you feel like you are lost at sea or that you are hitting another dead end?  Have you tried EVERYTHING- counseling, self-care practices, change of scenery or employment….?  Maybe you have gotten some relief here or there  but have yet to experience LASTING CHANGE???


Are you ready to take a deep dive?  Are you willing to take stock of what is working on your life- and get clear on what is NOT working?


I can help you. 


Together we will sit down, go over all of your concerns, and take a look at where you are and where you WANT to be. 


Together we will discover stumbling blocks, patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back. 


Together we will talk about all of these things and create a PLAN OF ACTION that will allow you to shift from point A to point B, addressing ALL parts of Self- mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic. 


Together we will shift you to an EMPOWERED state where you can live a life of INTENTION rather than a life of REACTION. 


I offer all of this guidance in my complimentary virtual appointment- a 90 minute investment in yourSelf that will provide you with a roadmap that can shift your whole life forward. 


I am honored to walk this path of healing with you. The first step starts with YOU and you are so worth it!


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Cimberly's Services

Energy Healing and Alignment Session

During your session, you will relax and get into a comfortable position- either seated in a chair or
lying on a massage table.  I will assess your energy centers, or chakras, for congestion and
imbalance.  I will intuitively scan your auric field and identify holes or tears and dis-eased or
used up energy.  I will use a no-touch Pranic Healing technique to sweep out and remove
energetic congestion and discordant energy.  I will then add Prana, or life- force energy, and
stabilize and balance your entire energetic being with placement of small crystals on or around
your body.  I will seal up your auric field and suggest affirmations or exercises to empower you
as you continue on your journey to your best health and well- being!

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